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Your narrator is so real and honest--the detail of her doodling in her bulletin is classic.
I really enjoyed this - a testimony of the gift of helps in health and an extension of that through prayer in infirmity. Wonderful. Thank you - Thank you.
Top notch, I'm impressed. Anointed message to. God bless.
I love the authenticity of this piece. Very, very good.
What a marvelous gift to give to another person; devoted prayer! Beautiful story of a life well-lived.
I love your realistic writing style. Your vivid descriptions pull your reader into the story. Maddie reminds me of the "Prayer Warriors" in my life. Excellent writing!
It great way to show how people we write off are an important part of the Church. Makes me want to give the pastor a shake and ask him why he didn't send people to get taught how to pray.
Beautiful story illustrating just how little we know about all the Spirit is doing through his willing people.
Tissues, please! I've received this gift--rather, I've been on the receiving end of a prayer warrior's gift. Excellent job. I loved it. The doodling girl really spiced this up and added great character. :-) Hugs!
Goes beyond well written. This is beautiful. I hope the judges see it as well.
This is an AMAZING first entry - absolutely beautifully written and so compelling and touching.
Excellent. Speaking of gifts...YOU are a gifted writer! Great job!
This is beautiful. I love the doodling in the bulletin part -- it adds such a depth, a reality to the story. Your writing is very good. And great job with the topic.
I love the way you described this wonderful prayer warrior. I also loved how you told it through the eyes of your MC. Great writing!
You are a gifted writer. I would think you'll be moving up through the ranks quickly. This piece demonstrated beautifully the gift of faith in prayer. I have just such a friend who has prayer for me.
This was a great piece. I liked the character of Maddie Parker. It was simple and sweet. I especially liked the examples, like the school play and the car accident. Doodling on the bulletin was a neat touch too!
Congrats on your placing. This was a great article.
Congratulations on your placement this week, and welcome to Faithwriters!
I'm impressed. I've always beleived in the power of prayer. And I love the way you told of it's powers so eloquently. Great job. God Bless