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This was fascinating! I'm so glad you felt free to share it.
With such a gift as discernment you also need a large dollop of wisdom and understanding. You have a head start on being able to pray for people and situations knowing that God loves and wants to change people and their situations.
thanks for sharing. Very different!!
Thanks for sharing! I totally understand your experience as I have the same gift/burden.
Yes, it can be hard to handle at times, especially around people that are not familiar with it or those that you try to 'warn' off other people.
I found praying is the best alternative, give Him the ultimate say in the situation and trust that He will protect/direct and shine light into areas of peoples lives that are effected.
May you be richly blessed as you declare His will be done in these peoples lives!
Congratulations on your placing. Great title for such a gift.
My husband also had the gift of discernment and it was very disconcerting at times, as his wife. He heard what I was really thinking, rather than the words that came out of my mouth. I might say, "Are you sure?" and he would hear, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" I would never have said that - but I sure might have thought it. Yikes!