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How perfectly lovely!
What a beautiful story. To be willing to follow the Lord, something very different than her plan, was truly following! No wonder her name is "Joy"lynn.
Lovely entry about how we can still have an impact and use the gifts God gives in clever and imaginative ways. Like this character and her wonderful heart very much.
I love the heart displayed in this story and the way it beats for missions. I also liked the way you approached the topic AND the structure you chose to convey it.
Wonderful! Expresses an important message in a creative way.
This is one of my favorites this week. Unique and special approach to this week's topic.
This is a lovely way to show how one uses the gifts God gives, even if they aren't the gifts one expected to get.
I liked this idea of a special room, the twist with her heart condition was a little unexpected, I thought she was going to be turned down for some other reason, but this one made it more believeable. I liked the thought of hanging a sign on the door. Great job here!
You did a wonderful job of writing this entry. Your story kept my interest from first sentence to last. Wonderful!
Absolutely lovely, beautiful descriptions. I adore this - and a wonderful, wonderful message.
I love this illustration. So many of us do think our gifts are in one area, only to find out God had other plans. You did a good job in "showing" that rather than "telling" it. Good writing.
RED PEN: I suggest starting with diagloge, maybe in the home-decorating store, and then tell why she's fixing up that room.
I love the idea of a "Help and Hospitality Room."
Missions is in my blood (I'm an MK) so I REALLY liked this. *grin* RED PEN: I think that if you could incorporate dialog throughout the piece it would 'liven' it up. Also, find ways to show what your MC is feeling and doing, don't just tell us. I think this has good potential and it's a Good idea! Good job.