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Hard-hitting, convicting, well done piece. Much to ponder here - good writing.
Very Creative! I like the repetition of "It's My pulpit." This is very powerful. Great job!
Great commentary on the problem of the territorial pastor who doesn't want the job he's there for: shepherding and teaching the people GOD'S word. Too many pastors feel this way; some even say it's MY church.
Very creative! You've done great work on this.
Very thought-provoking!
I really, really like this. The last line gave me chills -- I could almost hear God speaking. Wonderful job with the topic.
Superby presented commentary that really makes me think; which means it accomplished its goal. Brave writing. God bless.
How sad that these thoughts could be true, but sadly, they have been on many occasions. Thanks for writing.
This was so good. How sad that often times those who are called get sidetracked on their own agendas. I especially liked the ending when God gives his opinion on them all. Well done!