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Delightful story. I enjoyed the child's view.
Wonderful descriptions - you put me right there. Lovely.
Wonderful story and great writing!
Enjoyed this very much.
I was right there picturing the whole thing. Great descriptions of a child's actions.
Great insight into both frustration and encouragement. Beautiful writing :)
This was fun to read. I, too, "played" preacher at an empty church. (My mom was the organist.) Your descriptions took me right back to standing on that chair at the pulpit.

The beginning seemed a little unnecessary -- but I guess you needed something to place the dad and son at the empty church. It just seemed to distract from the story.

My favorite line is: "As usual, the front pew was immaculate." So much said in so few words.

Great job with the topic.
That last line got a big ol' awwwwwwww from me.
This is such a sweet story. I felt you descibed the heart of this little missionary really well. Great writing.
So lovely. I love the last line. Kids have a way of speaking the truth, and you were able to convince me that this was a REAL child. The voice was very honest and true to life for a little boy.
Congratulations! Well done!
Thank you for this article. It is very encouraging.