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I got a little confused in the middle about what happened. Up until then - the flow and voice were wonderful!!
Wonderful. How nice to think there are teachers that will take this stand.
I admire your courage to stand for what you believe. It seems as if the students are showing some sort of contempt for what the science teacher is trying to convey to them by their playful behaviour.
Wow, how I love your MC's courage and boldness! Your title is GREAT!

You seemed to switch from past to present tense a few times which confused me, but an adjustment on that wouldn't be difficult.

The description of your hair frizzing out when you got revved up about the evolution subject was creative and got the point across extremely well. Great story on topic!!!!
I just re-read this piece again, and now that I clued in more carefully to your describing a dream in the past and THEN moving to the present tense, it makes sense. Great job!
Great reminder of how and why we all need to be bolder. How hard it would be to be a teacher and hear these theories being taught as fact. Nicely done.
Hehe. With behavior like that you have to wonder if the 'missing link' has been found--not. LoL. Makes me so thankful for teachers that stand for and find ways to voice their beliefs! :-)
This is really cute and fun, with a deep message as well. I am so thankful there are people like the MC in our public schools. Even though things happen to make your hair frizz, you are making a difference. Good job.
After teaching our children for decades now that we are all just another "species" of animal, we wonder why the children act like animals sometimes in the classroom(and elsewhere!)? You made good points in your story. I like the manner in which the MC tries to bring dignity and value back to the children she engages with one on one in the classroom setting. This is a great message about evangelization on a practical level.
Oh, I could relate to this one as a former science teacher. Good story about staying faithful to God "in the trenches" Hang in there, Mrs. T.
Love the title--it's both literal and symbolic, and fits this story perfectly. Good job with the voice on this one, too.