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Wonderful. Loved every word!
A modern day 'good samaritan' story: It's amazing how the parables in the Word of God still ring true. People are the same today as they were back then! God led all those people toward the young woman, but they chose NOT to help or show compassion--too busy, too selfish, too focused. Excellent story--wonderful, descriptive writing--I pictured myself in the scene.
This is a great entry. I commented once before but my internet connection bombed. I love the irony of the magazine article the woman was sitting on. Too funny. I can relate to this person's hesitation in sharing Christ. I also know what a great feeling it is when I do. Great job!
I love the creativity of this article. It is like reading the story of the good Samaritan with a twist - no human will rise to the occassion to meet this lady's needs so a rock 'steps' forth.
If I may be so bold, I'd love to see you add just a few more 'rocky' clues to the story and re-list as a general article.
For example, if you began the article like this:
I was sitting calmly between two rose bushes, with dirt blown all over my face, when a young woman, maybe early twenties or so, spread out a magazine on the bench beside me, protecting the linens of her fine ivory pants as she sat.
This article is excellently written. Great descriptions of the woman and the people passing by. Bravo.

I really liked Peter's suggestions about some additional clues. The other thing that sort of threw me:
"Without hesitation, I told her that I couldn’t possibly know of her pain or despair, but that I did know of a Rock higher than I that could wipe her tears away." Since it says "I told her..." as a reader I wondered why she didn't hear because "told" implies that a she did in my mind. (Of course I knew by the end that the MC was a stone.) Just one idea: Perhpas the MC could say, "I wanted to tell her...." or "I looked forward to the day when I could cry out. On that day I will say..." I haven't given it as much thought as you, so I may be WAY off. I'm rambling here.

The main thing I want to say is VERY CREATIVE. Excellent job. You are a very skilled writer. Blessings!

I loved it! I was wondering the whole time who the voice was, figuring it wasn't 'someone' ordinary. Very good job!
Very creative! I like Peter's suggestion that you add a few more clues as the story progresses that the rock is the MC. I missed a clue or two and had to re-read it to get the point of the voice! (Of course, it could be I wasn't as in tune as I should be-it's taking me a long time to wake up this morning.) Unique slant on the topic!
Excellent writing, filled with the Hope and Love and Victory of Jesus. Your imagery was superb, clearly painting the message.
This was a blessing to read.

God Bless
Hey - I didn't realize until I read some of the reviews, that the MC was a stone, and then reread it. The second reading had more impact once I clued in. Anyway - very creative and a unique take on the topic. I really like this one!
What a unique take on the topic. I read it twice to really "get" it, but I've been known to be slow. ;0) This was well written. The descriptions were wonderful and the creativity was, too.
I loved the story, even though I never figured out it was a rock-of course, I've always been a little dense. Now that I know, I love it even more!
Wow! Excellent story to illustrate that verse. Loved your point of view. Great writing!
I really enjoyed your entry. I was suspecting her guardian angel. But the rock crying out was great!
Nicely done.
Extremely creative. You've been given some great suggestions that I agree with. This POV is fantastic, and the story one of the most unique I've read.
Wow! I ditto all comments above. I, too, didn't get it until closer to the end. But I love this creative twist. Very well done. Good job.
This gave me goosebumps. Truly beautiful and stirring writing. I didn't have a clue that the narrator was the rock, what a neat twist and a great ending! ^_^
I must admit I re-read this after your win,(personally I think it should have placed first.)I like the some of the others didn't get it the first time thru, reading to fast I suppose, but it was worth the re-read. Excellent writing skills and superb message.
***Congrats on a well-deserved ribbon!***
Congratulations! Very good piece and makes a strong impact, just like a rock should!
SO creative - went back and read this several times. You're gifted, my friend.
Yay! Congrats on your ribbon! :)
Wow, Laura, this was a wonderful, creative story that I had to read over to 'get'.

Thanks for such inspiration!

Congratulations, Laura!