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This was a teary-eyed read, but you brought up a subject that many S.S. teachers face. About 3 years ago, in our church, they started a special needs ministry called "Buddy Champions." These wonderful people volunteer to be one on one with kids who are special. They weave them in and out of the classrooms as needed and specialize their lessons for their particular learning levels. It is a beautiful program, and I do believe these precious children and their teachers will be first in the Kingdom.

Great piece!
I felt such empathy for the teacher, the mother and the boy. This is an absolutely tender story.
I can identify with this teacher's struggle that you described to a T. I loved that amid all the chaos Jordan clung to one vital phrase. That he could repeat it was a miracle. Great job.
This is a wonderful entry! Your writing is crisp and real. I liked that Kristin admitted her struggles. We are starting a special needs ministry at our church, also. Those parents and their children need the love and support of their church family just like we all do. Bravo.
Great story. I've left a few classrooms in tears too, so could identify very well. God only gives us grace to teach one Sunday at a time so it's not a bad way to look at the task. Well done.
There is one thing wrong with tissue warning!
It's a touching, sweet read with a great message. We often need to look past our own discomfort to benefit others. Thank you so much for sharing.
It's those special, unexpected moments, like this story, that makes teaching worth the frustration and tears that sometimes go with the teaching. Great story!
Your touching story is excellently written. I'm thinking you'll be moving on up soon in the challenges.
Can't say anything new, so just THANK YOU!
This was so real, the dialogue, everything. You have a great talent for bringing human emotions to the fore front and, like a mirror, having your reader to look to see themselves (or possibly their hearts).
Great job, keep writing!!!
This is very good. Your writing puts the reader right in the middle of the scene. And I'm sure every Sunday school teacher appreciated this -- what a great message. Nice job.
Congratulations on your much deserved EC. :)
Your story touches our human need at so many levels. You have a wonderful gift.
Congratulations on your EC!
This is so good all the way through - from the title to the ending. Congrats on a well-deserved EC.
Congratulations on a deserved win.

A very touching story.

Sunday school is great for bringing up a child and is a great way to help shape lives. Quite often it is a child's first introduction to Jesus,Church and the Christian way of life.

God bless the Teachers as they work to help prepare the little ones.

It is a lot of work and dedication on the Teacher's part. However,the rewards are "Heavenly"


Congratulations! Excellent story.
Wow, great ending. Congrats on your EC!
What a beautiful story! You should publish this. More need to read it.
Wow Laury! What an encouragement to every Sunday School teacher who has been in these shoes. This is so well written -- You've got the "play by play" events down perfectly. Congrats on your EC with this!