The Official Writing Challenge
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A very informative discussion of baptism. I definitely learned something here.
I would suggest you not start your story with discussion of the writing challenge itself - a good "hook" at the beginning will keep people reading!
Enjoyed this read.
Well organized and presented.

The words in all caps are a bit distracting, and aren't really necessary if you've chosen your words well for their persuasive value. The extra empahsis simply makes your reader feel slightly battered.

You're a good writer who is obviously passionate about your faith.
Well explained. I agree with the previous commentators. Don't mention the Challenge and the capitalization isn't necessary. Well done.
When reading the challenges, I do not want to be distracted by several scripture references. The use of an asterik would suffice and then all references can be shown at the end, then if I want to look up the chapter and verse I can do so. Other than that overall it was a very informative piece. I would have liked the two baptisms explained separately and more indepth from your own perspective. Not just the Bible verse.