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What a neat experience you must have had. Your descriptions are quite vivid.

I felt like the last paragraph wasn't really necessary - didn't really add anything to the story (though it may just be because I have never seen the movie you mentioned).

Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.
I don't know what happened to my article.
It isn't here!!!
I have to resubmit I suppose.
i had a cyber space "Sometimer's Disease" moment. Sorry
What a wonderful interlude, and you were blessed to have seen it.

The last paragraph feels "tacked on"--I almost think it'd be better to leave your readers at the river bank with you.

Lovely descriptions of the baptisms.
The last paragraph may have been tacked on but I did see the movie and it is one of my favorites, so it did give me a point of reference to what you had experienced. Good writing job I really enjoyed the telling.
"I could almost feel the power of sin and the world being torn away from
each person as they rose from the water."

I love this statement. I've experienced this exact description when observing baptisms. I get goose bumps every time!
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