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I like this skit very much - it definitely gets the message across. Good job of characterization, though I think Raymond "turned around" a bit too fast. Just my opinion, though. Love the end. Keep writing!
I love reading skits and little dramas--they're such a refreshing change of pace!

I was a bit taken aback by the nurse's behavior--I'm certain that nurses have rules about religious conversations with their parents' families, don't they? I could be wrong.

Nice handling of the family conflict.
Creative. I like that you wrote a skit instead of a story. Good job.
Good story and realistic in many ways. Good discussion on baptism.
And yes, nurses do have rules on discussing God with their patients. It's called holistic care - treating the body, mind, and spirit. Too often we nurses miss the last aspect of our patient care.
Curious as to why you chose skit form but it still got the point across. For all those that believe it's in the "water" nuff said. The father's second chance at life began when he accepted Christ not when he woke up. Good job.
This is good. I could visualize the whole conversation. Great job!
I thought you did a very good job with this! I can picture this putting up on as a church drama before a baptism service.
When I read many entries in succession I sometimes struggle with words running together. For this reason I loved the break your skit format offered. It was clear and easy to read and the dialogue built your characters well. To me the brother's quick turn-around indicated that his former behavior was all facade. I have known people who are exactly like that.

Great job, Laura!