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Wonderful sketches of these women - you made each of them come to life.
I know these groups of women! Their fellowship is contagious! Thanks for sharing out of your personal memory bank.
Oh boy! What a hoot these women are, and I would guess, a force to be reckoned with. I hope I can join them in the nursing home one day-how could life be boring with this group of characters around? Good writing makes this a funny, enjoyable read.
With a group of friends like this, you should never run out of writing ideas. I'm sure they give you lots of encouragement as you FELLOWSHIP together.
I love sitting near groups like this at restaurants and usually end up laughing hysterically along with them even though I can't hear 'what's so funny.' Laughter is so contagious and clean fun is rare these days. Really great story.

Janice C.
Your women are wonderful. You made their personalities come alive. I truly enjoyed this. Well done.
This is a good story. I love the way you gave each woman an individual personality, and wove them all together. Nice job with the topic.
What fun friends you have. You did a great job describing them. None are perfect, but all together you have what you need from each other. That is Christian fellowship.

Now that you've TOLD me about your friends, I'd love to see them together in a situation. SHOW me their personalities. Perhaps put them in car on a road trip. Maybe they could get stranded somewhere. It would be great fun to watch what would happend.
So much fun, I'm a bit jealous, I'll admit.