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I enjoyed this change of pace very much.
This sounds like it was a fun adventure to write about.
I agree with the previous comment if you enjoyed writing about this then bravo! It kind of had a "you had to be there" feel to it. I don't think you need "casted" for cast. It was on topic, keep writing.
Amusing behind the scenes glimpse into the fellowship that occurs within a group when they take their masks off and just be themselves.
You made me want to get to know this fun-loving group.
Love the voice, Laura. Delightful descriptions - I felt like I was right there.
Cute, clever--I just felt a bit uneasy about the eavesdropping, but that's probably just me. Love the title!
I enjoyed this cute look at a fun group of girls. It was nice to know that though they were crazy and fun, they also had real, deep fellowship. Good job.

My only critique: I didn't quite understand who the "drama girls" were at first. I thought this was just a nick name for some girls who were dramatic (I'm all about the drama, so I'm familiar with such nick names). I finally figured out that they were actually the group who put on the dramas during the week, right? (Forgive, I'm slow. I may have been the ONLY one unclear at first). Anyway, for me perhaps a little more explanation of WHO the girls were at first might have helped.

The "fly on the wall" flavor of this story is a creative way to write about the topic of fellowship. In reality, many people find themselves on the outside looking in. The fellowship that your character witnesses reveals an authenticity that many people are looking for. Your descriptions had me right there ... I thought the "in a pickle" situation was cute. Still wondering how she got out of there without being seen. I enjoyed it. Blessings to you as you write for Him. :o)
Thanks Laura! This sounds like a chapter of a book -- your story makes me curious to know more about the crazy group you admire! Of course, my favorite part was,
"It was most definitely time for me to get out of there, but I was in a pickle. LITERALLY, the shower curtain had a pickle on it. Go figure."
Blessings to you -- you are definitely 'write brained'!
I really like this story. Maybe because I've been to women's retreats and understand the "clique" thing. I thought you did a good job of showing the MC's misperception of the women, and the close friendships women can have. Very nice job with the topic.