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This is the ultimate worship experience. That we all could be so lucky just to have Him touch our shoulder. But then, you have reminded us, that He already is. I could feel your passion and would love to watch this performed in a monologue. Incredible piece.
I love the voice especially - and that refrain just hit me every time I read it. Wonderfully done.
I feel a placing with this one. You managed to touch all the high points in 750 words. Incredible!
Wonderful use of repetition, thought-provoking entry. It doesn't fit easily into a category--I like that in a piece, it's a mark of creativity.
I loved the POV and creative use of the topic. It's a beautiful piece so I will venture one suggestion ... to break up the longest paragraph.

Not only is it visually more appealing but easier on the reader.

I LOVE Biblical fiction and it IS a genre that has a place all it own - you did a really great job on this!

I thought this was good for an imaginary conversation piece, but I thought the topic "worship" was left to the last paragraph as almost an after thought. I know the actual word does not have to be used but I did not even get the implication that that was what was being conveyed.
Beautifully told story.
The story may not support corporate worship though it clearly speaks to worship.
The writing is wonderful.
I like the way you used "will you meet me here" at all of the highs and lows of his journey with Jesus. That's going to stick with me.
Washing the saint's feet, gathering together to remember the Lord's Last Supper, meeting the Savior at the foot of the cross, spreading the Good News to our neighbors, praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us: these are all acts of worship! I love this message and the way you brought this first person viewpoint to life in your entry. Wonderfully creative and imaginative.
I love the behind the scenes view in this piece. I was right there. Thank you for sharing this.
This story drew me in and wouldn't let me go.
A very powerful POV. Great job on a wonderful article.