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I love your definition of worship....
Good acrostic, great message. The rhyme scheme is great--just a bit of tweaking of the meter and you've got a top-notch poem here.
This is lovely - wonderful message. I tripped up a bit on the last line of each verse, but otherwise this was wonderful. Love the acrostic and the images.
You did a good job with this. Love how the first letter in each stanza spells the word worship. That's not easy to do. I agree the meter is off in a place or two, but overall, this is very well done. Kudos.
I'm not an expert when it comes to poetry, but this flows nicely for me and I love the message. Good job!
Thought you did this well...flows nice....has a great message...could be me, but confused on the first word....not familiar with the word...."wordly". I thought you did great with this message.
I'm not much into poems but this is good. A comprehensive defining of worship. Good job.
You covered it all with this clever acrostic poem! I think you accomplished your goal very nicely.
Oops.Thanks for pointing the spelling error out, Becky. How many times did I read this poem over before I submitted it, and I never saw the mistake! Of course, the word should be worldly.
Congratulations on your 2nd place. I'm usually not much of a poetry person, but you did a really nice job with this.
Very nice. I like the way you spell worship also.