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A very nice story; however, you need to upsate your examples by about 30 years...Rosemary's Baby and Jason and Friday the Thirteenth and Platoon. The majority of readers do not know of these flicks. But I'd like to make it clear that it is truly well-written!
Excellent thoughts in this piece. A lot of unnecessary "junk" could be removed from our lives...great reminder.
Very good message. My husband and I have also chosen to eliminate scary images, movies, books, etc. from our lives. There is so much beautiful in this world -- why fill our minds with the ugly? Thank you for sharing this devotional.
Nice devotional. I like this part:
"My son thinks that we are both absolutely out of our minds and that we haven't been in touch with what's "cool" since the Kennedy Administration but I think that we're onto something. To be perfectly honest with you, sometimes we think that he is out of his mind too!" LOL.

I've been told that you shouldn't refer to your "article" in your "article". Just a thought.

You had some nice points.
What a beautiful message.
When I was a child I loved to sit around the campfire and listen to Ghost Stories. Why? I don't know - but now that I'm grown I've put away childish things and agree wholeheartedly with you and yours. I see nothing sane about watching scary movies. I guess wisdom comes with adulthood, eh? Cool story!