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Doesn't Jesus make your heart ache for people? This is a story with great impact on me. I think it's the beginning of greater stories. What a novel this one would make!
Wow. This is an incredible story, and when I say Masters-level, I mean it. The characterization is PERFECT for a short story, for drawing people in, for captivating interest. I can't say enough about how perfectly, to me, this has been crafted.

Your message filtered through effortlessly, and the impact of the years that passed and how the two characters changed was really, truly felt. Of course I wonder if this is true. But true or not, you've written a fantastic story. I sincerely hope this places, and even if it doesn't, keep on writing JUST like this. I'm in awe.
Good story. Well done.
Well written.
This is just excellent! Your characterization, especially, is just wonderful. Such atmosphere. Can't wait to find out who this is!
You really drew me into your story and developed the characters in a vivid way. I'm glad you found the real Source of Peace and sorry for Wally that his peace was not so steady. Good writing!
Excellent characterization - and the theme well presented. I think you must write in other places, and if not, I think you must write in other places, you have the sound of a pro. But please keep submitting here as well. Great entry.
Wow, I see why everyone is talking about this one. Definately, this is beyond the level and appears like it could be the start of a great novel. Thank you. This one goes in the Puppy Pen.
I echo what the others have said. Very well written, vivid and unique descriptions and details, realistic characterization. You brought it all together with appropriate scripture. Nicely done!
The title said volumes. Most people go thru life trying to hitch on someone else's star. Any and all idols have to be pulled down. Your MC found this out and now has that thing that no man can take away. Very good writing.
Great flow to this story. Great lesson too. :) Cat
I was a little confused about the friend asking why you talked like Wally, considering that Wally picked you up as a hitchhiker. Other than that small detail,(and it could very well just be my problem) this is excellent writing. The lesson on character is poignant.
I've known a few Wally's in my life! You're a great story teller. Loved it.
Very nice story and characterization.
This really is a beautiful piece of writing. I particularly like the almost seamless transition between the searching adolescent and the more assured adult.

Thanks for your comments on my Gomer story and your encouragement not to pull any punches in my writing. Mind you, if you thought that was bold, wait until you see my submission for "bird in the hand"