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Great stuff; I fell for your mother's practical joke, too--a tribute to your writer's craftsmanship.
Wonderful! I love your Mom's spirit.

I fell for it, too. I began to feel your pain and you had my stomach in knots. Tell your mom she got a whole lot of people, as well. Your article was told with great glow and clarity. It's a wonderful thing to behold such a wonderful relationship. Is this a true story? Well done. Funny stuff.
You've done a great job keeping the reader's interest. I also thought your poor mom had snapped. I smiled through out your piece. Great job.
Very cute. I needed a laugh! Your mother sounds like a blessing.
Well, I didn't fall for it. I saw it coming a mile away! (Wink!) Just kidding! Very cute story and very well written.
Sounds like you share the same sense of humor my mom & I do. When my mom was being set up on a blind date & was waiting for the guy to call, I actually called her and pretended to be him. She was like, "Oh HI, Paul!" in her flirty voice. Unlike you, though, I couldn't stay in character. I burst out laughing. Her response was, "I thought, 'wow, he has a high-pitched voice.'" LOL.
Loved the essay and the humor - wonderful!
Blessings, Lynda
Hilarious. Serves you right you little monkey!
Thanks for all the nice comments on my story. Yes it's a true story. The only part I made up was exactly what my mom said to make me think she was crazy. We have tried and tried over the last several years to recall what she said to trick me but we've never been able to remember. So I had to make something up to make her sound nutty. I promise it no worse than what she said because my mind really was reeling that day.

I sent this off too quickly and left in many typos, left out words and forgot to replace '&' with 'and.' I wrote it late and wanted to get it in by the deadline as that weekend was her birthday and Mother's Day.

Great job! too funny! Congratulations on another winner!
David, I loved this entry and I LOVE your mother. What a character! So glad she got you back. Congratulations on the Highly Commended Award for Level 2. There was a lot of competition this week - a lot of entries, and you did extremely well overall. You weren't all that far off the Editors' Choice list, so be encouraged and keep writing. You are a delight. With Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
My mom the joker, Myrna Stewart, that I wrote this about, passed awayt December 3rd, 2009. True to her spirit she was cleared headed and laughed hard and out loud within 24 hours of giving up the ghost. She chose when to go and my daughter Kim and I were honored to hold her hand as she took her last breath. I pray I pass so bravely.