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Been there, done that! Unfortunately, I was way past high school before I figured it out :-( It does take a lot of boldness to get through high school with a positive attitude, especially if you're not part of the right group. Well told!
Okay, I admit I am lost. Why on earth would anybody call a person gruesome twosome? Maybe I have been out of school a long time and I am not aware of the name calling that goes on. Your story was hard to follow at first I had to read the beginning a couple of times to realize she was walking alone, anyway there is a message here to love one's self. I don't agree that a hurtful nickname should be tolerated to show "them" a lesson. Overall a good job.
I have such a soft heart for kids who have to endure this kind of name calling. I would be upset, as an authority figure in a CHRISTIAN school, to hear names like this one being bandied about. And if it happens in real life, it should be stopped immediately. I feel sorry for the MC, and can't help but hate the continued nickname. It seems so demeaning. If a young girl really had to learn to accept this kind of bullying, even in jest, it would make me sad. That said, she's a better person than her peers any day. Your story sure did evoke emotion in me!