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Yep, the title was appropriate, the MC was a prisoner to her fear. Unfortunately this is how too many believers live. This was just a slice of an 8 hour day, one can only image the other 16. Good job.
What a terrible way to have to live each day. I felt her fear all the way through. Congratulations on a great story. chris x
Wow! Talk about paranoia?! Such a creative way to show unnecessary fear taking over somebody's life. Obsessive? Compulsive? Whatever, it kept me glued to the story from beginning to end! Great job!
This was an very effective look into the mind of someone who has been traumatized. I can understand that kind of fear, although have never been subjected to it. How blessed I am!

Good job.

I'm guessing this is an article about an abused woman whose EX is stalking her. You so richly describe the constant fear this kind of scenario creates in a woman. I've known women who have had to live their lives this way, at least while their stalker is not in jail, prison, or has found another woman to "master". Your writing on this subject is so good, I felt I was watching a movie. Excellent! I'm glad you threw a brick to this entry for I would have been disappointed with myself for missing it this week!
You've done an incredible job showing what life can be like with persistant fearful thoughts. It really is neverending survival mode. I hope this is fiction for you! Great job, and good luck.
My heart went out to this poor, fearful woman. Good writing.
You made the fear palpable and the story filled with suspense. I was sure "he" was going to be in the back seat of her car. "Too many movies." Good job for "fearful."
You did a great job expressing how fear can hold us prisoner if we let it. Well done!