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I'm sure that most people could relate to this situation. Well done.
Chris x
Many have found themselves in the middle of conflict that was not of their making. It's hard to hold the middle ground, but God will help us when we pray. You pictured this well.
You write very well, and in a clear way, but I wanted to know more about the problem the MC was considering! You did a good job convincing me that the MC was in pain over the church situation, and her character came through loud and clear.
Nothing is more confusing than a Church divided. I've been there and your writing captures the sense of hopelessness that can overpower without the promise of prayer. Excellent use of topic.
You did a good job of describing the struggle over a church splitting and the inner turmoil it caused your MC. Sadly, we all still have our old nature and it sometimes rules us. Thanks for writing this. May it help someone in this situation OR cause those to think before allowing this to happen.
Good job sharing a hard truth. Your writing conveyed the turmoil of the MC very well. Nice job.
Great job describing the emotions of someone involved in a church split. Well written.
In the middle of a situation, especially in a church dispute, is a most difficult place to be. You expressed the feeling excellently.
Definitely been there - and you described the strife so expertly. Very well-written!
I love the way you described the emotional turmoil that goes along with this sort of problem. I felt you captured it perfectly. Well done.
Excellent writing. I could feel the MC's anquish. I did want to know more about what was happening.
I can share your confusion and the resolve in the end. Very well written!
I feel so, so sad when a church goes through this sort of agony! You did a great job of portraying the awfulness of the situation, and the grace that is available.