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Nice story!

There were a few possessives missing their apostrophes and some other minor quibbles--nothing to detract from the overall effect of this story.

Your MC's conflict is well-presented and the reader is satisfied at the end.
A very good story. I like it when God helps us come to our senses!
It's certainly difficult to put our words into actions and truly give of ourselves. You've shown that beautifully here.

I love your descriptive passages as well.
A well written story, and you had me very interested in what happens to the boy and the couple. You created very vivid images with your descriptions, also!
Great illustration of how we do battle with the tough questions.
Your description of the serenity of the beach at the beginning of your story was a good contrast to the confusion Richard felt over what to do with the boy. (I'm glad he made the choice he did.) Your lesson can be applied to a lot of situations. Well done.
You covered the topic well. I like the way you resolved the confused issue. I enjoyed also your description of the setting.
Great writing - you had me right in the middle of all of it. Much to think about too.
This makes 3 boxes of kleenex today! I loved this piece. Great writing with your heart!
I like your title, and loved the opening sentence. This was great, you showed a realistic struggle between the MC, etc and resolved it quite nicely in the end with a very realistic reaction from Caleb concerning what would soon be his dinner. ^_^ Good job.
Tough wife! But a good lesson wrapped in a great package. Nice work.

The beach description was very good, but it was the moral of the story that spoke most strongly. I immediately related to a similar situation a close friend encountered. God guided him to make a wise decision also. Gene Hudgens