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This needs to be illustrated and published! A delightful and fun read!
Very cute! Children will love this.
Cute story but not exactly an "angry story"; however, very good for kids. An illustrated book perhaps? Nice.
This is adorable and a fun read. Good job!
This is an adorable children's story. It was so pleasant to read. I could imagine the animals very clearly.
I could feel myself turning the pages for a new picture to represent each animal in this delightful children's story. I loved, too, all the different synonyms for "angry."
Cute and fun! This would be a lovely picture book for sure.
Charming. It begs for illustrations. Well done.
This is an adorable children's story. I loved all the names. It's a perfect read-out-loud story!
This is a wondeful story to tell children to help them learn how to cope with disappointment. Great job!
Nice story on perseverance, and a keeping a positive attitude. The use of the animals made it very enjoyable, especially for children.
Very nice children's story. I love the alliterative names, and the lesson to keep trying and not sit and stew in your anger.
I loved the names of the animals!! As I read I wondered about her anger level DEcreasing at each negative response instead of INcreasing, but maybe that was to set things up so she could play with Lucie without being too angry? Your descriptions were enough that I could see each page as it turned--I really, really enjoyed this. :-) Hugs!!
Yay, Seema! A great entry for you. I really enjoyed this winning story!
Cute! You have a knack for writing adorable children's stories! I could see this illustrated with gilt-edged pages for a kid's room. ^_^ Congrats on your placing (I'd better see you in advanced now-lol) and excellent writing! The short sentences and expressions were so fun.