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Excellent points brought out...this is a great devotional piece.
Yay, Janice! First place in Level 2! It's a wonderful devotional. I'm sorry I didn't get to read it right away this week, but it certainly does deserve the placing!
Great writing. I enjoyed it because it wasn't fiction and was done so well. Great example here and congrats on the L2 win.
Wonderful devotional. Anger is not a sin. What we let that anger do to us leads to sin. Good pov here.

Congrats on the win!
About time! The world would like Christianity to remain feeble and tolerant. It was never so. Christians still have a voice which needs exercise! Well done Janice.
BRAVO,Janice! I am a big supporter of righteous indignation. This was so well said. You're talent is speaking for itself. There's no stopping you now...:0)
Thank you for the wake-up call! Hate to admit it, but I can remember few times when I have gotten angry knowing it was 100% righteous indignation, and MANY times when someone was just "getting on my nerves" or I was frustrated. It was all about ME. Because of what you wrote (and Jesus said!), I will make a new, improved effort to realize why I'm angry, and if it has nothing to do with our Lord, or the feelings of someone else, I will pray for the strength to let it go quickly. If it's truly righteous, I'll do what I can to make changes that would please the Lord. You really made a difference to me with what you wrote, and that's exactly why we write! Thanks!