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Well, I should have seen that coming, given the title, but I didn't--you "got" me! Well done!
Me too I didn't see it coming in fact, I was almost going to ask you where the middle of story went (you know, the part when Fred and our MC exchange verbal blows, and she tosses him out of the car and drives off). Fooled me! Great story. Love the characterization of the car.
That's a GREAT story.

Break it up into paragraphs and you've got a HIT.

How did you ever think of it? I'm impressed.

Terrific! Absolutely The Most I Loved it, written well, and a fantastic surprise ending. (One thing I suggest - Break it down to paragraphs, spacing, etc. to make it more reader friendly) Great Job! I repeat.. Terrific.
Clever piece. The others gave some good suggestions for polishing this story.
Congratulations, Valerie. Your entry has placed 7th in Level 2. The Lists for the Top 15 in each Level and the Top 40 overall are available in the Weekly Results and Highest Rankings forum of our Faithwriters Message Boards.
Very clever! I had a friend who named all of his possessions "Fred". He'd love this story.