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Boy that was a sad story. I hope it wasn't true but if it is I can see where the title comes from. It comes a time though even in our worse acts we have to accept forgiveness and move on.
Hits the Topic to a "T". It is very "sad"; however, I kept wondering if the mother ever told her daughter how the accident occurred? My idea would be to wait until the daughter is an adult before copping out. Well written story, however, and kept my interest throughout.
Enough to make even an Ozzie bloke cry. Though admittedly, this Ozzie bloke has a soft spot for cats and can't handle seeing little blue-eyed cuties crying without running for the tissues himself.
(Don't tell me drinking mates I said so though!)
Great writing! Did the deceased animal have a successor BTW?
Almost too painful to read! But very well-written and smack dab on target. This one made me sad, sad, sad.
Ohhhhh. This is perfect for the topic and so beautifully done. The emotions are so realistic. I am impressed, knowing that you were the child in this story, how accurately and well you portrayed the mother's emotions. Excellent.
You should have had a "WARNING: SAD" sticker on this one. Great job. God bless.
Oh I cried so hard in this! I am wondering too if Fuzzy had a successor...the loss of animal is always painful :-( Great job on capturing the emotions of the mom and child.
This is so well written and very SAD! I know the emotions well. When my dauther's kitten was killed when she hid under the hood of my car, I felt horrible. You have done an excellent job with the topic and your story!
Very moving... well done.