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I liked that. I like the futuristic approach and the tie to our current time and how they preserved books (which we writerly types hope will still be of value so long into the future). Interesting approach, good job.
A different approach to "sad"...Biblical Sci Fi; and a creative mind that thought this rendition of the future. Something to think about, that's for sure. Thanks for shring.
Oops...sorry, "sharing.
I really like the futuristic flare this story had. You captured my attention from the title to the last sentence. Well done!
Great job here! I love sci-fi stuff. :) You know, what would make this story very real is if they couldn't save themselves in the end (physically) but had still saved themselves spiritually, which is really all the matters.

Great writing; hopefully you'll be moving up soon. Good luck!
Very cool take on the topic! I love the sci-fi approach - you definitely got the voice down pat. This was completely intriguing. Excellent.
An interesting approach to the topic.
Oooh, sci-fi! I like it! I wish there was more, I like that they did find the 'knowledge' they were looking for-and something much more valuable. Great job! I really enjoyed this. ^_^
Great story. You created a sci-fi world and described it well so the readers could imagine themselves there. Then you added a layer of Biblical truth. Well done.
Congratulations on a "highly commended" story--a really excellently written story.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***