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I see your title suffered the same fate as my Happy, Happy, Happy Dog! :) I discovered html doesn't work in the title box, but alas too late.

Very well-written article bringing history to life up close and personal. I like the tie in to scripture, too.
Excellent detail and sense of place. I loved that you used part of the letter in here, and the scriptural tie-in. I was fascinated.
Your writing continues to have the mark of Masters-level work. I am so impressed. It is a true blessing to read such fine-tuned craft.

I've read stories based in the French Revolution before, and this fits right in, in intensity, in verisimilitude, in readability. You have really done an incredible job. If this doesn't place, I will be, well...sad! :)
What a gripping story! I felt that I was right there pleading with your narrator for her husband to stay. Such skillful descriptive phrasing...has the music of poetry in it! Your choice of details is 'right on' in bringing this historic vinette to life. Well done!
What an important message - serving the wrong king.
This is very well executed. I felt as if I was there. Well done.
What a powerful piece! I loved the present tense--everything was very well-written. Great job! I believe you belong in Advanced.
God bless.
This was great. This will probably show my ignorance of the topic at hand, but I wasn't sure why Jean was leaving. Was it because his loyalties were with the king and he was afraid, or was he going to try to save the king's family? Overall though, this was very well written, because even though I didn't know the details, it didn't detract from the story overall. Great job.
A heartfelt message woven through a mastercrafted story. Fantastic!
I've read a lot of historical fiction from this era, and this ranks right up there with the best of them. Great story for the topic, the writing was awesome, and the tie-in to faith and scripture was so natural and fit perfectly.
I love historical stories and this my friend is well worthy of being a part of the Masters group. I love the descriptions and emotion and the dialogue is right on! Exquisitely written! God bless.
Wow! A very intriguing story about a very interesting period in history. Well done!
Whoa! This is so real, the you-are-there-atmosphere, you captured all of this so well! The suspense of the letter and the sadness of a future ended before it started, neat job!
History. Adventure. Sadness. Another wonderful piece. Wow!
Again, I really love your writing style and the message from Azem'a letter is so profound. You did a wonderful job of presenting the passage from Proverbs. As always, what you write, makes us pause to think and consider.
This is excellent writing. I really enjoy historical fiction. You did a fantastic job on this. Congrats!
I forgot to comment earlier here, but you know I thought this was a winner, and, indeed, it is!
I'm not up on my history, but I enjoyed reading this most informative article. It was very enlightening to me.