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Extremely well-put. We decry the atrocity of WWII German-citizen apathy caught in the headlights of the world when the deathcamps were opened, but what will God say to us who sit by and do so little to stop the sanitized, sterilized murder of our most vulnerable?
You ask, "Where are the watchmen on the walls?" Your article seems to tell me you are a watchment on the wall.

This article is bound to make some uncomfortable. We in the church don't like to have fingers pointing at us. But the scripture tells us that when judgment comes it will "begin at the house of God."

I share your feelings. I share your grief. Why should God spare the wild olive branch which was grafted in contrary to nature when he didn't spare the true olive branch [Israel]

We have drawn a holy circle and stand in it pointing to all those evils outside. Sadly all the evils are not outside.

Like Jeremiah you have a message that few want to hear, but tell it anyway. Is there not a cause? Blessings to you.You're Biblically on target.