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Cute! Love the host's name. This actually gives me hope - remembering that some of God's "favorite people" made fools of themselves. :)
Very clever! Your format is so interesting and entertaining, that I didn't notice that you were getting a very important point across, until the end. Wish I could "watch" tomorrow's show!
I like your format for putting these embarrassed characters together. Excellent writing.
Unique look at familiar Bible stories. I enjoyed it and great title.
This is clever!

It'd be even more engaging, I think, if not told as all-dialogue. Consider either making it a skit (with stage directions and parenthetical notes to the performers), or a narrative story with some description and action between the dialogue.

Love your last line about the next days' guests--I can just imagine what embarrassing stories they'd tell!
Nice! I like this piece. I wish there was some more to it and that the stories were a little more expanded, but you did great. Good job with it, especially with Jonah! ^_^
What a good idea! Embarrassing ourselves certainly isn't anything new, is it? I liked your MC's voice. :-)
Very creative take on the subject and I especially liked the way you were able to incorporate Biblican figures, showing that, after all, they were only human, too.
This is a very clever idea. That's one way I know the Bible is true. If someone made up heros of their faith, they would leave out the embarrassing stories. The Word of God is full of them. Praise God for that. You did a good job here. Thanks!
A very creative entry - I like the format! I wish you had more words to add a little more dialog from the host between embarrassing moments. Your characters did a good job of retelling their stories. I enjoyed it!