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This entry is one of my favorite. The message is so important and you have done an excellent job telling it. I like the line, "I came to Christ with all my mud and pig filth and He took me in."
What a God! Your story is a great testimony to the power of forgiveness and to a loving God who can't wait to wrap His arms around His children when they finally come home to Him!
Good message, I only wonder if the 2 times you use the word "dumb" did you really mean numb? Just wondering.
A good story, with all of the emotions and pigs, etc.

I am wondering if you didn't mean 'numb' instead 'dumb' in a couple of places. When in doubt, check your dictionary and also proofread. Good job, keep writing.
You are so right about the way God runs to us, yet it is a view of Him people rarely embrace. Too dignified, we think, the mighty God of the universe would never hike the tails of His tunic and sprint across the pasture. But how can we argue with the clear parallel Jesus drew between this wealthy landowner and His own Heavenly Father, rushing to meet the prodigal? Reallu liked your article! Well-written and great message!
What a dynamic story! It shows that no matter how disobedient we are to the Lord, he will always forgive us and take us back. It's very ironic that only when Steve went to Prison and was shut out from the world's influences, did he ever find true happiness in the Lord. The ways of the world can be such a stumbling block for us all. I enjoyed this a lot!
Steve didn't have a chance with such an upbringing. A great example of the power of the Holy Spirit working in a person's life. Good work!
This was a WONDERFUL story, a great witnessing and/or devotional type of story that touches the heart. I never thought of "God ever Running" - that was very creative...and the title is what caught my attention. You need to do some work on your punctuation and formatting - but practice will make you perfect; otherwise it was a great creative piece. Thanks for sharing.