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Isn't it wonderful He knows our needs before we even pray. Very touching story and well written.
This brought tears to my eyes. So poignant. You have a wonderful way of capturing a scene. Aren't you so glad that God is all-knowing? Wonderful message, and your last line is just perfect.
This is a warm, loving story. The redemption at the end of their broken family is very touching. It reminds me that with God, all things are possible!
This is not only polished writing, but you grab and hold your reader and reach into the heart and pull up the tears. I wouldn't change a thing. Excellent.
What a great story, and told so well. The Bible does say the Lord knows what we want or need before we ask Him. I imagine this hit home for lots of people.
Wonderful writing! I enjoyed this story very much.
Lovely story, and a great reminder of the Holy Spirit who puts words to the prayers that we can't form.
This is really good! God's plans are perfect...he knows just what we need and want, and just when to answer our prayers...even the one's we never pray! This is one of my favorites this week! Well done!
Great story! Very well written and the message of hope is terrific. Knowing it comes from your life makes it soooo good, too! Wonderful.
I love the message her and the wonderful way you presented it in your story.
When I'm reading a really top-notch story, I forget I'm even reading. Might sound weird, but you did everything so right - pacing, descriptions, prose - that I was able to experience the story on a level deeper than just taking in information. I love it when that happens! :) Excellent job this week, and good luck!
You did a great job writing this story. It was beautiful!
Happy tears. What a great way to end a great story! I'm glad the 'couple' finally got together in the end. Your title is great too! ^_^
This is very well written. Very gripping. I felt every emotion along the way. Thanks for sharing this. Nice job.
This story is so touching. It is very well written and so real. Thank you for sharing this tender moment. I was blessed by your words.
OH MY GOODNESS!! This was one of my favorites for this challenge. I guess being the daughter of divorced parents... I could relate to the ENTIRE saga. Good to the last drop.
Once again, this shows how the extremes of life (and death) can make us take a reality check, and we get a proper perspective on life. You illustrated that so well.
Relationships is what it's all about. A pity it often takes a tragedy to heal the real tragedies in our hearts. We need to hear your message more often. God bless your writing.
Congratulations on being "Highly commended"--turly well deserved.
Congratulations on your highly commended! ^_^ Way to write!
Wow. Congrats on your Highly Commended (& top 40 finish)!