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Great story. I liked the message of not judging others' actions or making assumptions about them.
We can never tell what's going on in a case like this, but isn't it great that it had a happy ending.

Good job
Well written, and a great lesson. This could have worked for "confident" too - she had to be to cross the street. But definitely right on topic for happy! I love the last line. Good job! :)
What a wonderful story, and I love the characters! You made them all so real. The deaf man is unique and needs you to write a book to tell the rest of his story. Super job!
Touching story, and your ending is perfect!
I LOVED THIS! Makes us stop and ponder over our own judgemental attitudes :)
Sometimes we don't know the whole story. Great job; keep on writing!
A unique approach to the theme and I loved the last two lines, not to mention the lesson on not judging without accurate information. Good work.
WOW! I didn't see that coming. This is great! What a powerful message about judging one another. Awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if you advanced to Level 3 with this one. Well done!
Very creative! Loved your characters.
Congratulations on your win! Excellent writing.
Congratulations! A winning story!
Lots to like here! Very creative. Congrats on 3rd place in Intermediate. & Welcome to Advanced!
I liked this a lot. What a great punch line.
Was he crazy? "No. He was just happy." Great title too.