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A cast of characters I'd like to know more about...and read about, too! Friendly, and homey story, like a step back in time.
I enjoyed reading your story. I wonder if any police chiefs still are so helpful.

I enjoyed your story. I am sure the satisfaction you would find in your job would far outweigh any of the negatives. A good day when you decided to accept the job and challenge. Well done!
Such an enjoyable read! You tickled my funny bone with:
'Billy slurred, "How'd you spect me to know? I don't even live 'round 'ere."'

I'm a small-town gal at heart, and I know that's where writers find the best characters. I hope you're writing a book about yours.
Such a delightful story! I love the down home feel of everything about this wonderful tale.
A beautiful story that shows how wonderful it is to live in rural America.
You created a delightful, small-town atmosphere throughout your entry. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
What a neat story! Happiness is coming home to a niche with your name on it. Very good.
I really enjoyed this. The story flowed nicely. The plot was great. I think this would make a great storyline for a novel! Good job!
This is delightful. I love small towns and their easy pace. Great, solid writing. Good job.
Congratulations, Joy! This is an excellant story!
Congratulations on winning 2nd place! This story was compelling from beginning to end. Your descriptions and dialogue superbly carry the reader into the small town life - the reader is immediately interested in the characters and what happens to them. Your mixture of yearning for happiness combined with humorous ancedotes, flowed beautifully. This piece truly deserves to be expanded into a book.
Nice job on the story. It has a very real, hometowny feel. (And congratulations on your win!)
I really enjoyed this...I am a retired Navy Veteran, live in NJ...happily married 36 years, want to travel...hope to meet y'all on the road some day...thank you for your comments on "my funny piece"...(I forgot the name already)...It's so easy for me to write funny stuff because that's how I think...I spend a lot of time talking to children and dogs and they love it...especially when I sing to them...thanks again...Dave
I really enjoyed this. No wonder it placed. It's almost like a dream town. There's a few towns like this left, but not many.