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Very entertaining and very funny. An enJOYable read!
Your descriptions were perfect...could feel the pain! Loved the way all was forgot when she held her daughter. Oh, I like the baby's name.
Wonderful description of your period of labour and very entertaining during your time of travail. This contrasted so well with the end result when your whole perspective changed on beholding your 'Joy'. Greeat writing skills.
Like others that commented, I could almost feel remembered pain, the kind that surely is forgotten with the first look. Your descriptive skills are wonderful. Your daughter will want to read this when the time is right. Thank you for your story.
Enjoyed this very much (though, if this is a true stoyr, you didn't!). Great, and honest, description of emotions and done with humor. Good work.
I loved this! What memories it brought back! :) I enjoyed the way your writing flowed, and I liked the way you made me laugh and smile with your great descriptions and "real-life" dialogue! The ending was perfect, too! (I would suggest leaving spaces between your paragraphs for easier reading, though.) I'd love to read more of your writing, so hope you keep it up! Excellent job! :)
Since, as my wife tells me, I can never understand what you just described here, I can, however, understand the quailty of your writing. And, it is great, descriptive, informative, humourous and flows wonderfully. My only suggestion would be to make spaces between the paragraps to make the reading a bit easier. Something I learned on my first article as well. Great job and keep writing.
Wonderful and funny! You really captured the frustration, humor, pain, and then the euphoria of the birth of a child. Great writing!