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Very interesting and very true...I liked the title a lot. It's what drew me to read it. Thanks for sharing.
This is very original. I liked it a lot. It made me laugh, yet it is SO TRUE. 'Preach On Brother...'
You're right-on with a womans' point of view & my husband would probably say the same for a man. A very fun read...loved it.
I like this entry. I can tell how happy you were when you wrote it and you are probably a happy 'guy' to pen such an article. It's refreshing to have something a little lighter than the heavy material that comes our way. Thanks for posting.
Your story is a wonderful light-hearted look at men and women! I needed the humor today and it really is true: we can live happier with each other than without.
Ah! Wolfman Jack and the first kiss: remember it well. Your story was so full of memories for my husband and me. A great story full of sweetness, or whatever the guys call it. Well written and funny. Thank you for taking me back.
I really like how this essay is handled. Good job. I think if you re-thought it though and did away with the second person references it would be even stronger. Looking forward to your next entry.
Very fresh and original. I think you could probably do away with the parenthesis and it would work just as well, but that's a minor thing in this entertaining piece. The last line absolutely makes this. Well done.
Absolutely "The Most"! I see you also made Dub's List of Puppies, which is an honor in anybody's legacy. Great Job, refreshing, true, down to earth, Lewis Grizzardish...for those who knew him, read him, and appreciated his humor; bravo and Kudos' my USMC buddy! 'Twas right on!