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In the beginning I thought this would be a light read, but then realize how serious the subject was. You make an excellent point that we do not know what is in a person life and therefore should not judge.
Would it be possible to copy this into a pamphlet so I can hand it to some of my friends during my unhappy times?

Great job in descibing those times of depression - an inside look.

God bless and keep writing.
Your title is an awesome testimony for the subject you're discussing here. I can sympathize and empathize, but I'll never know just how it feels to walk in your shoes. Thanks for sharing this, and I'm grateful God is able to send help to you when you need it, in the way you need it, at the time you need it. He's soooo good to know!
I found myself intrigued by this. There is just so much here that I've never stopped to think about before. Very insightful. Good Job!
This line is awesome: "sleepless nights are often studded with star filled skies". I will remember it.
An interesting title - depression a large playground where the power of God has great leeway to work. I liked your positive focus on happiness to alleviate the pain of depression. Well done. An encouragement to others who may suffer too.
Thanks for sharing this article that gives the reader, unacquainted with the effects of depression, an insight into what the sufferer experiences. It would be a helpful entry into a health magazine or some such book.
Just like the commenters here, I thought this was an interesting read. You are a very good descriptive writer from one who has lived it. It has always been my belief that depression is a demonic spirit much like anything else that is negative and contrary to what God has for us. If thought of in that vein you have to know there is nothing bigger than our God. He already set before us 2 choices and he gives us a direct command to choose life. I like the analogy a good playground for God, but the truth is he didn't come to play.
You articulate your message so very well. Depression is very close to grieving, and I thank the Lord for giving me the experience, as well, because with God, nothing is wasted. How much better can we sympathize with our grieving neighbor, when we have lived through it ourselves. The enemy may mean it for evil, but we know our God means it for good. So, we can rejoice even through our tears. Great job, here!