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Neat! The italicized lines spell confident! :D I liked the story, the message and how it was put across. Good job!
This is really clever! It was interesting to read and and not "preachy". The format added a bit of spice to your descriptive writing. I enjoyed reading this very much.
WOW! This is what I call 'creative' Nice job!
A wonderful example of the excess baggage we carry when we don't place our failings at the feet of the Master. Your writing style in this story kept me wanting to read on. Thank you.
One of the best allegories ever on this site, and it's an anagram to beat! Wow!
Very clever. Good lesson. I enjoyed it.
Yes! It's such a process we put ourselves through to get the junk out of our lives.
I'm not as observant as the others, so I missed the anagram. Very clever!
Creative use of allegory and other techniques, too. I liked it.
So cool!! The descriptions are great--I was so wrapped up in getting to the mountain I didn't even notice the anagram!! lol. Once I saw that (only after reading other comments) it was even neater!! :D very good job! :D
Seema, this is AMAZING. I can honestly say I thought I was reading in masters. Your descriptions are wonderful and the allegory, and anagram, are spot on (and I'm not just saying this to cheer you up!)
This is truly worthy of being commended. I love your descriptions and how you symbolized your defeats.
***Congrats on your highly commended, Seema!***
I enjoyed the journey and I liked how you used the italics. Very well written, with a good take-away. ^_^
Great job Seema! I love the style that you used. Congratz on the highly commended.
Wow, & very clever!