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Very visual and descriptive. This should do well.
Great story. The descriptions and suspense drew me in.
Admire your confidence in tackling such an account. Risky.
Yet it works! It carried me along completely. A satisfying read. Congratulations on writing it so well.
Because I read lots of missionary stories I can say with "confidence" yours bristles with authenticity. I am thankful though you did not prolong his suffering.
Excellent. I'm glad, too, that the end was quick. --and the fact that it wasn't all in vain is so good. :-)
I'm glad you decided to include his arrival into heaven at the end of your story! We need to be reminded that this earth is not our real home and what wonders await us with Jesus! Good descriptions and very well written, too.
Well done.
The first half was very compelling and beautifully written. Ironically, the part in heaven seemed to lag for me, perhaps becuase it's just really difficult to describe the indescribable. But I had hoped for more awe there.

I loved the title, and your powerful portrayal of this strong man of God.
The description, especially in the beginning, was amazingly vivid and real. Wow.
Wow! I was drawn into the story by the first paragraph and couldn't stop reading even during his suffering. Very moving.
You write so well, this was wonderful to read.
Nice. I liked this. Very good descriptions. I like the you-are-there atmosphere. The suspense is great. ^_^
Wow! This is so great. I especially like that we get to see Matt in Heaven with the two villagers. We need an eternal perspective. We look at things like to the death of Matt and the villagers as defeat, but they have gone on to their reward. Good job!
A very visual and and fast-paced piece with a great message of faith. I would have liked to have seen Matt's character developed and fleshed out a bit more, but other than that, I truly enjoyed your story.
This is a great missionary story--wouldn't be surprised to see you moving up.
Great story-telling, and good descriptions. The phrase "a smile the size of Texas" seemed a little off from the rest of the feel of your story, especially coming right after "hearing" Jesus speak. Could just be me, tho. I loved him meeting the villagers he witnessed to in Heaven. Great ending!
Congratulations on your placing but more importantly on a well written piece. I, too, would have liked to see more description of heaven but then how does one describe it even after having been there? God bless and keep writing!