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Wow! Very powerful.
Very sad account here.
SO powerful. The voice was very authentic. I definitely did not expect that ending. Sobering, and a message that needs to be shared.
Well written. But, oh, what a sad story!
The text messages were difficult for me as I'm an old geezer that hasn't discovered a need for texting. Your story is powerful, however sad. I hope it's fiction but as a highway safety professional I know the reality of the story. Keep writing you have the talent to go far.
Good story that teens could definitely understand.
Wow--powerful stuff! Of all that I've read this week, this is probably the one that teens would call "the bomb." It's EXACTLY the sort of thing they like.
Such an suthentic character and sad story you created. Well done.
Wow! How powerful. This one gripped me as i read it. How sad this tragedy happens. Well written and surprised by the ending.
The ending came a little too quickly. I didn't see the car accident happening, but it's way too real in today's world. I kind of hope that Tiffany goes on a pilgrimage to find herself. I think if she had the real chance, she'd figure things out. good job.
The texting is relevant these days and adds to this wonderful, but tragic story. Your writing was really good to begin with, but each week you outdo yourself. This is amazing.
Title caught my attention, and I'm convinced it would catch any texting teen's attention. Then many would relate to the mother/daughter conflict, thus getting the full impact of the message. A prodigal child story with a sad ending, but it was powerfully presented. I occasionally got a little lost with the dialogue, but on the whole, it was really well done.
Congratulations on the recognition for this excellent story.
***Congrats!*** And up to advanced you go! ^_^
Congratulations Angela, on a very well written piece.
wow this article even made me feel guilty for texting my husband from time to time while he was driving 'hny need mlk." I'm definitely changing my ways now