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Excellent advice for teens, and everyone else, for that matter. I would have loved a bit of action or example to liven this up a bit, but your point is VERY well expressed and taken.
Encouraging devotional for teens. Many good nuggets here.
A lot here for teens to think about. Nice devotion. Keep up the good work.
Thinking teens would find this very helpful. A lot of thought has gone into this. Unfortunately, (going by my own experience of teenhood - eons ago)not many teens stop to think about these things without some kind of attention-getter they can relate to. I wonder if this could be set to a rap or a song somehow? ;-)
I found it insightful anyway.
There's a lot of wisdom in here for a teen.
This would be great for LifeWay's "EC" teen Devotional publication.

It needs to open with a brief scenario of some sort or a hook so that they will read the article in it's entirety.

Teens who hunger already after spiritual growth will really appreciate the wisdom. Teens who are still riding the fence on their commitment need a hook to draw them.
One more thing...The title doesn't seem to fit the article. But it's a good article.
Like the others, I thought this was very informative and insightful. But it seems like this would be better suited for people (adults, I should say) who work with teens. Kind of a "Take this info, and help them see how the choices they make influence their lives" message. I don't think teens would find it all that interesting.
Well, for one thing, you mention them in the third person. Teens are (generally) the centers of their own universe, so that right there would turn them off.
And I did get the "Jesus Was a Teenager" title, but to me, it kind of felt like you were saying that Jesus was sinless because he didn't sin when he was a teenager - like the only time we ever sin is when we're teens. That's how I took it, anyway. Still, there were a lot of good thoughts here. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!