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What a touching story. It is so nice that it is true. American children need to hear more stories like this so they know how blessed they are!
I enjoy your writing style. It's perfect for the children you are writing it for; the young ones. And I'm sure the little ones would really like your story, too!
Beautiful story. I have many missionaries in my extended family and have heard many stories like that. God just loves to delight us!
Great story and very well written. Not only a wonderful testimony to the love and power of God, but also a great look into the life of missionary children. Even the poorest, modern children in countries like the United States never think of washing clothes in anything other than a washing machine. This story also made me think of Jesus's reference to the sparrow...God knows every sparrow that falls. He also knows every thought and longing in the heart of a child, like Katie.

Congratulations on a splendid piece of work!
What a wonderful story, and so true to the way children actually think and feel!

I could see it as having pictures along with it.

It's awesome that it's based on a true story!

God cares about the sparrow - how much more the little details of our life?!

This is SO awesome - the story, and the writing. I love how you give the reader a real "feel" for missionary life.
Isn't it so like God to care for our kid's needs, and often their wants - down to the last detail. My heart goes out to missionary's kids.
Very well written.
Wonderful story. God answers prayer. Even for children.
That was a sweet and touching story. It would be a great story for younger children to see how God does answer prayer.
Very nice! Congratulations on your Highly Commended!