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Loved the title, loved your descriptive phrasing, especially the "shimmering blanket to tuck us in. Viewpoint of young woman very well done. I can just picture her dancing and singing in the parking lot, as only teen girls can do (and get away with it. Ha.)
Your title grabbed my attention. Then I read about your desire for a white Christmas and I knew your story. I live in New York and we rarely get the white Christmas we annually pray for. My son, too, begins praying for snow right after Thanksgiving. It's ok when it doesn't come. We're too distracted with the holiday to get upset about it.

Anyway, your article had good flow and made me laugh in some parts. It was nicely written.
I like how you convey the fact that we try to reason with God and it's not a wicked sin -- that God chuckles too when it comes to His children trying to think up resonable ways to get what they want! Good job! Pat
I live in the land of perpetual summer too, so I understand your longing for snow. I love the bantering with God, very real! And you have some great descriptions thoughout. Good job!
Found ya! Wet indeed! Clever story... and being from Cali, I can relate totally!
Hehe, good job with the descriptions.
Oh, I loved this! You have a great writing style - very "real". Loved everything about this entry - it was lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Lynda
Hmm, I wonder who wrote this...your writing style seems a bit familiar ;)

Nice story!
Enjoyed your entry. It's nice when we can put away our disappointment and still live in hope.