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Very creative adventure!
Very sweet.
Great details..... and the adventure is only beginning :)
What a creative take on the topic! It took me quite a while to catch on, but that made it so much more delightful! Great job.
Great descriptions. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
The first paragraph was very good, hinting without letting me know outright where you were taking me. Good descriptions.

I especially liked this line: "A wailing sound filled her ears, and Kaitlyn realized, with an odd sense of power, that it was coming from her."
And from that point on, a baby knows how to use that cry to communicate, don't they? Good job!
I loved this. You grabbed my attention right away, kept it, and then surprised me! Great job.
Neat twist to suprise us! Very creative idea - great job!
Oops, that would be "surprise us" not "suprise us" - sorry about that!
Beautiful story of the adventure of birth. How crative and well told!
This was so fun! The first couple of paragraphs had an almost science-fiction feel to them, and then I laughed out loud as I realized what was happening.

I, too, like the sentence where the baby realizes her cry has power. If only the little ones wouldn't catch on so quick... :-P

Great job, this was so fun to read and very well-written.
Great account of a birth here. Good job.
This is beautiful! I always knew birth was an adventure for the mother. I never thought of it from the infant's POV.
Sweet and simple. This is beautiful reading and well written. I liked this take on the adventure, especially the last line. Good job.
Very Kool. God bless.
Great point of view! I did my senior science research on the memory of a newborn in relation to hearing mom's recorded heartbeat...calmed newborns for a few weeks after birth! Your story reminded me of that powerful bond. :)
Wow... my eyes got wide as I realized what this was about. I absolutely love this!
Precious! Creative and awesome!