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Life is an adventure and unpredictable. My favorite is the 1/17 entry...very enjoyable.
A clever title, and a clever entry. I like the "journal" format, and I really laughed at "lasagna soup."
This is very good. I like how you described your story line in journal entries. I agree, I like how you wrote the January 17th events and correlated it with how God is with us no matter where we go.(January 17th is one of my favorite days-the birth of our little six yr old angel baby girl-an unexpected miracle and a glad it happened oops.)How God loves adventures and giving us them.:0) Keep up the writing!Loved it!Janice
I like the journal entries, and all the weather-related entries. Nice job!
I almost thought by the title that you were a fellow Canadian - but no! (we always talk about the weather!) Nice job. I enjoyed it.
I like how you fit the journal entry style into the adventure genre. Life is an adventure and so is the weather :-) Great job.
I like reading journals so your article appeals to me. Fun to read!
I liked this take on the ordinary adventures of life and weather. I thought the same thing you did when I visited the caverns in KY years ago.
I had the same experience in a cave last year, and it is an incredible reminder (and comfort) that God is everywhere.

I'm wondering if you live near me? We've been experiencing the same weather patterns, especially that darn snow--but it did help with the drought...:-P

Great job!
How fun! We have crazy weather like that where I live and it is wild! I love the short excerpts and little life glimpses like in the caves and trying to catch the dog in the rain. Nice.
Isn't it fun to be able to look back over the months and see the many changes in our lives...and the weather? Here is Texas we say, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change." Good job.
Wonderful diary accounts of the adventures of life.