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Oh that is so sweet. Made me hug my dogs. Thanks for writing this. Well written, it drew me in.
Angela Posey-Arnold
Very nice!!
I don't like dogs that much normally, but I had tears in my eyes by the end of this. What a beautiful image of Jesus loving the lonely animals too.
Heartwarming story. Great pov.
Absolutely heartwarming and real. This truly touched my heart.
I very much enjoyed this story. Very true to life.
I am a cat person but both my cars are from a shelter.
Beautiful story. Made me tearful. I liked the unique point of view of the dog. Good job.
What is it with dogs? I had to go hug my little jack russel as soon as I finished reading it! Thanks - well written.
Cute! All warm and fuzzy. I liked her adventure and the touch of her interation an inner dialouge. She was fun and interesting to read about.
This is a story that makes the reader want to reach out and hug the MC! A unique and creative take on an adventure story!
I don't know how I missed this one. It's really touching. It makes me want to go adopt a pound puppy!
Very well done, and congrats on your highly commended.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***
Congratulations LaNaye! I expect to see you in Advanced pretty soon.
This is a very warm story, makes the reader feel so good. Yes, you connected with your readers! Congratulations on your placement and yep, head on up to advanced! I'm not a dog person, but you caused my compassion to surface. Good job! :)