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I have never seen a poen where one line just kept going. Your poem was very good except for that one line.
I like your poem. From your descriptions, I think you would be a fun, loyal friend! It's a happy poem that makes me smile.
What a fun autobiographical sketch. I feel I know you now!

NOTE: Since the other stanzas consist of five lines each, I'm sure that longer line is simply a formatting error and was intended to be divided in half; however, this does not diminish the quality or the enjoyment of this piece.
Thanks for the intimate look at who you are. Well done.
Love how you include the negative traits too. Good work.
Loved the last two lines. They say it all.
I enjoyed your mix of fun rhymes and alliteration.
I would suggest that you avoid the use of the rhyme above/love - it is far overused in Christian peotry, and it sounds like you tacked the word "above" on just because it rhymes.
Keep up the good work!