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You have a very clear, classy style. I really enjoyed this.
You are brave parents ... was this a true story? GOOD ON YOU!
Your last line drove the message home. "And there was contentment". In order to teach the lesson of contentment we, ourselves, have to be content. You drove your message home in a soft and powerful way. Nicely done.
Karri, this was so good and you really were very brave to take the step you did. The result was worth it though. We have consumerism gone made these days, with the average Christmas "want" list for children containing items that cost in the hundreds. It is not only unrealistic for parents to think they can keep meeting their children's every dream at Christmas, but also not particularly healthy. I think most of us, as parents, are aware of that. But it takes a brave couple to actually take steps to bring the madness to an end. Oh, and about those fast food trinkets? My son is nearly 18 and has just thrown out a ton of them. That's not counting the ton that his father threw out on a major room clean up about five years ago. Those things breed like rabbits! With love, Deb