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I liked this. It tells a good story on humility.
So true! Your poetry shows your sense of humor; you made me smile as I read.
Not only is this a great lesson in humility, the poem itself is a good example of maintaining a 8-6-8-6 rhythm pattern. Good job.
I loved the poem and I loved it's message. Well done!
I'm smiling! Nice job.
It can also be said that we are the only bible that many will read. Nicely done.
I love the "street sense" of this work; you are in the trenches fighting the good fight. Excellent job!
I love this. It's wonderful.
Very, very good! Some nicely added humor adds to its enjoyment. I enjoyed this one very much
enjoyed this, I too struggle with pride. I guess everyone does to some degree. It's when we stop struggling that we get in trouble. Good job!
Oh,that ole spirit of PRIDE! Well written!
I just love everything about this. One of my favorites so far. Fun, playful, meaningful, and convicting!
Nice humor and great truths.
I love how you wrapped such a great message in a fun wrapper. A new way to hear an old (still needed!) lesson. Great job!!
What an imaginative illustration of the scripture verse! Your title is a grabber, and the lilting rhyme and rhythm (not to mention the pictures painted by your words) kept me reading and enjoying your poem clear to the end.
I think I hear Father chuckling at this one.
I love the way this wraps around your message. :) The cadence is perfect and rhyming, slightly ironic humor- and well, just everything. Very good.