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This is very good. I am impressed that you could design a new form of poetry -- and it works well.

This must be a personal story -- it sounds straight for the heart. Thank you for sharing.
Interesting system, along with A Complex read. Unsure what is meant...but it touched on a sad past. God bless.
That's nice that you created a new form of poetry but it still has to invite the reader in. This one was a bit choppy to me. But that's just one opinion, keep writing.
This is a very well-told poetic revealing of a wounded heart. I appreciated the author's notes in identifying the meter, rhyme scheme, and format.

The lines that 'worked' for me were: "I found the speck in sister’s eye
The plank in mine unnoticed. Why?"
"But I was good I told myself
Good deeds I framed upon the shelf" and
"I’m still afraid but now I try
With God I’m not afraid I'll die" (still the best message a Christian can receive).

Thanks for sharing.
It is refreshing to find a writer who is able to define his/her parameters and then stay within them. This is the kind of discipline which helps many stand out in the crowd. Kudos.

The message was clearly from the heart, and poetry is said to be the language of the heart. You spoke, and I understood.
I love your style with poetry. I'm impressed with how you developed your own style. Great work!
You tell the story well here.
Sounds like a testimony set to poetry. Very well done.
I like your poem. Great job on creating a new form.
Very interesting form and a very intense but interesting story. Keep writing! Very creative!